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1. Can someone else apply for a visa on behalf of another?

Answer. Yes, provided that, all the requirements are completed and the application form is duly filled in and properly signed.

2. Can someone else collect the visa/passport on other’s behalf?

Answer. Yes, as long as he/she will bring the collection number and/or letter of authority to pick up with identification card.

3. In Visa application form, what is reference in Tanzania?

Answer. Name, address and phone number of your contact person in Tanzania, if you don’t have contact person, the name, address and phone number of hotel/accommodation while in Tanzania.

4. Can someone get visa upon arrival?

Answer. It is not guaranteed, it is strongly advised to apply at the Tanzania High Commission in Abuja if you are in Nigeria.

5. When will be the start date of the visa? What are the Maximum days of stay in Tanzania?

Answer. Visa is valid from the date of issue.  90 days from the date of entry/arrival.

6. In Visa application form, what do you mean by saying “Means of Financial Support”?

Answer. It means, sponsor of your trip (company, organisation, employer, family or self-support).

7. Is Yellow fever vaccination (Y.F.V.) necessary?

Answer. It is compulsory, if you are travelling straight to Tanzania from Nigeria.